Geochemical Evolution of Magma Bodies

Energy-Constrained Recharge-Assimilation-Fractional Crystallization (EC-RAFC)

EC-RAFC is a self-consistent formulation of energy, mass and species conservation for a magma body undergoing concurrent assimilation-fractional crystallization, with or without recharge. The model tracks the system as magma cools and crystallizes and wallrock heats up and partially melts. A set of coupled non-linear differential equations describing the conservation equations are solved incrementally until magma and wallrock reach thermal equilibrium. Output provides a path-dependent view of the isotope and trace element, energetic, and material changes to the cooling, crystallizing magma body.

EC-RAFC Related Publications:
  Energy-Constrained Open-System Magmatic Processes I: General Model and Energy-Constrained Assimilation and Fractional Crystallization (EC-AFC) Formulation. Frank Spera and Wendy Bohrson. Text and Figures
  Energy-Constrained Open-System Magmatic Processes II: Application of Energy-Constrained Assimilation Fractional Crystallization (EC-AFC) Model to Magmatic Systems. Wendy Bohrson and Frank Spera. Text and Figures

EC-RAFC Program:
  Program file. RK07A_2011.xlsm will run on PC Excel 2013 in all its 3 distinct versions
(64 bit Win 7 OS/64 bit Excel, 64 bit Win 7 OS/32 bit Excel, 32 bit Win 7 OS/32 bit Excel). Hence, RK07A_2011.xlsm runs on the latest 3 PC versions (Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 and Excel 2013) and on the latest 2 Mac VBA enabled versions (Excel 2004 and Excel 2011).
  Program instructions

Our EC-RAFC Program is also available at Earth Reference